I’ve decided that since we are new here we should go see all the local attractions. We should act like tourists. I was going to make a list similar to my 101 Things in 1001 Days list that I did and cross them off as I go do them. The problem is that I keep finding out about cool things to do here so I’d have to keep updating the list. Maybe I’ll make a list as I do them.

Akron Zoo

“In 1900, George and Ann Perkins, heirs of the city’s founder, Simon Perkins, donated what is now Perkins Woods Park to the City of Akron. They stipulated that the 79 acres be used for “…the sole purpose of devoting the same to the uses of a public park, especially as a place for recreation for children.” – from the Akron Zoo’s website

The husband and I went to the zoo on a Sunday. It is open every day from 10-5. It is a small zoo but it is nicely laid out. There are even workout stations along the pathways so you could exercise if you wanted while you looked. We had both already worked out that morning and it was crazy hot so we passed.

I love lemurs. I did an animal behavior project in college involving observing zoo lemur behavior so I’d sit and stare at them for long periods of time.


The black and white lemurs kept trying to take food away from the smaller lemurs. The keepers kept shooing them away.


There is a small aquarium area. I love the cephalopods. They had this one large octopus. Don’t you just want to squeeze them and take them home?


Nice great big poisonous lizard.

going up

Whenever I see snakes in zoos now I think of the scene in Harry Potter where the boa constrictor talks about how much he hates people tapping on the glass and how he wants to go see Brazil.