Horse day

I spent most of today with the horses. At 9:30 they all got their pedicures. Then at 10:00 one of my 4-H members came over. I have struck a deal with Rosie’s deadbeat owners where they will pay this girl, C., to clean her stall and exercise her since they apparently have abandoned this horse.

Rosie and C. got along great. I think Rosie enjoyed the attention and she learned quickly. We just played games with her on the ground to get her used to paying attention. I have no idea how long it has been since she has been ridden. At one point I brought Prize out too to let C. practice on a horse that knew how to do the stuff. She was surprised at how well behaved Prize is. Everyone seems to think that she is a total nutcase. I think it is because she stares at new people in a very disconcerting way. It freaks them out.


  • Heather

    To the girl and mother I say Good Riddance. They were a pain when they were here and I don’t miss them at all. The grandfather is the husband’s partner. He bought the horse and is now stuck with it until he can sell it. He can’t sell it if it can’t be ridden. So we’re helping him out.

  • Jess

    Other than the money, I don’t know why you horse around with the people who have abandoned their horse, unless of course, you are doing it for the best interests of the horse. Nay? 🙂

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