…and I won!!!

The IRS is watching me. I had all kinds of IRS trouble stemming from my ex’s business and incompetent accountants. That is finally over three years after the divorce. But, I got a letter from the IRS when I was out of town in March. The SO was freaked. I assured him (with the confidence born of way too much experience) that it isn’t serious until it’s certified mail. He opened it anyway.

They said that in 2009 I undereported my income from one source by $6000. So send us $2500 in taxes and penalties cheater-face.

That seemed a bit excessive. I didn’t think I could have earned that much from that source that year but my vast experience also says that they tend to be right.  I was out of town and couldn’t look up anything but it turns out that I was right and they were wrong!  It took a while to get them to admit it of course. They sent me a letter after I sent my proof that they would consider my claim but I should just probably send my money in since I was still accuring penalties while they were reviewing.

I just got the letter saying they were wrong.  Note that it doesn’t use those words. I had to read it carefully twice to make sure that they were really agreeing with me. They couldn’t just say it. But I can.

I Won! I Won!