I wrote a whole post about how well I was doing on the challenge so far except for that one time I screwed up by accident.  Then I deleted it because I don’ t know how to use the wordpress app on my phone.

It was a good post but I don’t have the heart to redo it all.  Here are the highlights.

  • I’m doing well
  • I’m not struggling as long as I have meals or major ingredients ready in the freezer.
  • I got tricked because Panera puts high fructose corn syrup on their dried apples which I didn’t know until after I ate them.
  • If I’m going to lose a point I’d rather do it for ice cream.
  • I’ve lost a few pounds.

It is all going to hell in a handbasket this weekend.

I’m heading down South to judge a trail ride.  Southerners are very concerned about hosting vegetarians.  Vegetarians on bizarre restrictive diets would make them cry.  I don’t control my food options this weekend so I know my choices are not going to be challenge compliant.  I’m going to try to stay healthy though.  For example, when I fly I usually pack Combos to snack on.  Today I have pitaschios and dried fruit – no corn syrup.

There is a big potluck Saturday night full of Southern women cooking to impress each other.  Tables of desserts.  Vegetarian dishes will be pasta and cheese based.  I’ll just subtract my three points now and be glad I can’t get negative points.

I did manage to eat on plan at the Charlotte Airport.  There was a Mexican place where they had a breakfast burrito bowl with eggs, meat, potatoes, cheese, and salsa.  That can be made into just eggs and salsa.  I was surprised at how reluctant I was to eat anything off plan.  I also have an apples and greens smoothie.  It has apple juice in it which isn’t allowed but it seemed a healthier option when I was still hungry than anything else available.