I went to the Post Office today. Yes, that was dumb considering that it is April 15 (U.S. tax day for the international folks) but I had to mail off my secret post club package. I didn’t want to be late on my first month. Besides I had the foresight to send out my taxes waaaay early – ie yesterday.

I picked up the customs form to fill out and that obviously marked me as wise in the ways of the Post Office. The person in line in fronr of me needed assistance. She asked how to get something postmarked today. Then she told me this obviously horrifying story about how her tax people always did this for her but yesterday they called her and said she had to SIGN FORMS and MAIL THEM by TODAY. Today, can you imagine? Seems they were quite insistent about that part for some reason. So she picked up some envelopes at the post office. I suggested putting the paperwork inside and addressing. She worked on that. By the time she got to the counter she had her envelopes sealed. Too bad she hadn’t put the town, state, or zip code on. Since most people in line were sending to the same place so they could supply the missing info. She then explained to everyone that she had been ordered to mail stuff by TODAY. Not one other person seemed either. Poor lady. She wasn’t getting any sympathy.