My father and Spirit were never what you’d call close. In fact, I’d say more that Spirit was the bane of his existence. This is the man who came home from dropping off Spirit when we moved away and started to pull out the fence posts – in the dark.

He was always worried about having to make a hole for the horse so I decided that it was only fitting that he have to dig. He is a former (anal retentive) math teacher so the hole was a perfectly square 2 foot by 2 foot. We put the box in the hole with my mother taking pictures the whole time. Then we started filling in the hole. Dad and I were shoveling. Then it ended up that I was shoveling and he was packing the dirt down. Then I noticed that he was doing a bit of a jig. Yep, dancing on my horse’s grave. He’s been waiting a long time for that. He wasn’t the least bit sorry that he got caught. The SO offered that this might be a new place to urinate when too far from the house. No one has the proper respect for poor Spirit.

My dog Snowball is having some weird hind leg problems now too. She’ll be fine and then lose control of them. (Does this sound familiar? The SO is freaked out. He keeps saying, “This is what happened to Spirit!”) She was running around by the grave and then lost control. We were on the side of a hill and she started to slide backwards downhill on her butt. She was going right towards the swamp at the bottom of the bank. I’m such a good pet owner that I had to stop laughing long enough to rescue her. At least I was able to. Everyone else was doubled over at the look of shock on her face.