Now that I’ve had the iPad for about a week here’s what I think and what I wish I knew before I got it.

What I wish I had known:

1. You have to have up to date software on your computer to use it properly. I have OS 10.4.11 on my Mac and it won’t acknowledge the iPad. I have to upgrade to 10.6 to get them to talk which would be useful because then I can sync my word processor and email and other files.

2. I work in a wifi dead zone. I didn’t get the 3G version of the iPad because I want it primarily as a word processor. But I thought I’d be able to upload blog posts at lunch or something. The only wifi spots in this town are at McDonald’s which I haven’t been able to successfully connect to yet. The wifi at my house works perfectly though.

What I think:

1. The keyboard is the best purchase I made. The on screen keyboard is better than the iPhone but it is still a hunt and peck proposition which I can’t stand. I got the bluetooth keyboard which works well. I was unsure about the bluetooth keyboard or the keyboard with a dock when I bought it and I’m still not sure what is best. The dock would hold the ipad upright and I have to prop it up on something with the bluetooth. But the dock is supposedly bulkier and harder to put in cases.

2. Speaking of cases, there are no cases right now that will hold the keyboard. I went and bought a hp laptop holder at Staples that holds the iPad, keyboard, and power cords with room to spare. It all has to come out to be used but it keeps everything together which is something lacking in the iPad specific cases I’ve seen so far.