I had a really fun week last week. It started on Sunday when I got to see Trae Crowder live.


I’ve been a fan since his first Liberal Redneck video went viral. I’ve followed his Well Red podcast. I read his book, The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Dragging Dixie Outta the Dark. I added in his other podcasts that he started during the pandemic. I’m a Patreon. Now I mostly watch his news podcast on Tuesdays called “Weekly Skews.”

On all these podcasts over all these years I’ve heard him say, “Come and see me live..” I’ve looked but he’s never been around me. This year was different though. I grabbed tickets as soon as they were available.


On Wednesday I got to see Susie/Eddie Izzard. I’ve also been a huge fan for years. I actually had tickets to see her once but the husband ended up in the hospital on that day. In my wifely job review I want it to be acknowledged that I gave away those tickets to go to the hospital. Broke my heart.

This time the husband refused to go with me because he hates the venue.

I had forgotten that I got tickets in the third row.


I ended up liking Trae’s show best which was a surprise for me.