One of the things I love about reading ebooks is how easy it is to highlight passages and then let Goodreads save them for me. Here are few that I still like a while after reading the books.

“Bayard is a born hero, which is the larval form of a dead hero. Don’t let him be one. If I cannot have him as a husband, I will at least not have him molt.”

There was a sign on a wooden stake in the ground. It had been painted over so many times that the paint stood out a quarter inch from the surface of the wood. On a background of white paint, simple black letters read: PLEASE MINIMIZE YOUR FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN STUPIDITY BEFORE ENTERING.

“‘I rewatched Fringe and it mostly held up.’” He snuck her a glance and added, “I’m really gonna miss Lance Reddick.” She nodded. “May his memory be a blessing.”

They ate one of the top five best meals Levi had ever had, and Laurence’s mom apologized that it wasn’t very good.

Attractive gentlemen were the hardest to be rid of. They couldn’t imagine a woman not wanting them around.

“I then registered with the hotel under a false name whilst pretending to be a lady’s maid. The proprietor did not even question it.” She added under her breath, “I was both proud and offended.”

“Welcome to England,” Graham said. “Our natural condition is proud and offended.”

survive the dome kosoko jackson

Her words are soft, but they stick like a thousand knives. Mom is a master at that. You’d think she had a history working for the CIA as an interrogator or something. But no, she’s just a Black mother raising a Black son in America.

At which point Elizabeth had called him an imposing busybody and strode past, leaving Miss Blyth making apologies in her wake. Pointless. Men would never learn to behave if you apologised at them.

Violet had been neglecting her strumpetly duties when it came to Lord Albert. She had no idea how really promiscuous women kept strings of lovers all at one time. Surely one would need vast organisational skills, or a secretary.

And… here it is…. the quote that made me scream and want to pull out my hair and rend my garments….

…the nimble speed that Maud had seen in old women knitting quilt-squares for charity.

No! One does not knit a quilt square. There is nothing that will rally both knitters and quilters to raise up their sharp instruments of choice and head into battle than mixing up their crafts.