I’m supposed to be on my way to VA right now to judge a trail ride this weekend. It got canceled and I’m sad about that but I’m very glad that I won’t be spending the weekend working in this heat. It would be very melty. (They didn’t cancel because of the heat. These folks are crazy that way.)

Here’s how melty it is here. I’m greeted by this every night when I come home. My stevia plant has sad leaves.


After I water it by the next morning it has happy leaves again.


I haven’t been taking Freckles jogging because of the heat.  I may risk my own life to go out in this but I won’t take the dog.  The dog needs to go though since she has enough energy to stay up all night and chase the cat.  We got up early today and headed off to the woods. I tried to run but when I passed the dog and was dragging her along I realized we had a problem.  She apparently has more sense than me.  We walked instead.  She was right.  I was sweating like crazy at 7:00 AM in the woods.  Yep, glad I’m not going to be in the woods all weekend.  My new workout mantra should be “What Would Freckles Do?”  I’ve decided that my 5K in Atlanta next month will definitely be a run/walk affair.

Because this weekend’s ride got canceled I got picked up to judge a ride in AL around Halloween.  They mentioned in passing that there was a costume contest.  That sealed it for me.  I need to take some costumes too that I can judge in and not scare the horses.  I have until October to find some good ones!

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  1. Hello, Heather. I think too that you weren’t to go to Virginia. But instead, go to Alabama. Think of it this way: You were home to receive the invitation for Alabama. This is where you’re to be, at that point in time. By all accounts, Freckles, which I just love the name of your pet dog, watches over you too. This is in addition to your family and the dear Lord above. Animals have their own unique intelligence, which I remember my beloved sheltie, Lady Dear. She was a lifesaver in a couple instances where I had placed myself into and wasn’t aware of the danger. I miss her presence but carry good memories, through the years, which make life a little sweeter for me. In fact, in Mommy’s Writings, she’s there too. It’s a true family story that inspires the love of God and is also a story in forgiveness. Prayerfully, it will be received in such light, while granting a reader a totally different perspective on life. It will be in the Marketplace by year-end 2010. Things go hand in hand, as your true story touches me, perhaps, mine might also touch you.
    So, enjoy your respite, and be good to yourself and Freckles, when outside and jogging in the day’s heat. Have fun in Alabama!

    Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Published Author
    http://www.strategicbookpublishing.com/Mommy, would you like a sandwich?

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