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The Ride of Our Lives: Roadside Lessons of an American Family by Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard had the idea to take his elderly parents on a road trip across America along with his adult children and their spouses. His father was an eternal optimist and his mother is a pessimist who is convinced that she is going to die if she is in a motor vehicle or going over a bridge or a mountain. What could go wrong?

This book is a road trip in two RVs, one of which gets wrecked a half hour into the journey. The stories alternate between hilarious arguments between his parents and memories of his wild childhood.

The Meryl Streep Movie Club by Mia March

Lolly raised her daughter and her nieces in her Maine Bed and Breakfast after her husband, sister, and brother-in-law were killed in a car crash. The girls have never gotten along and now only talk on Thanksgiving and Christmas. When Lolly calls them all home to make an announcement they are forced to learn how to function as a family in the midst of personal upheaval. Watching Meryl Streep movies together allows them to open up to each other and to learn truths about themselves.

I liked this book. It was nice and light so it was a fast read. I’m not a huge fan of most of the movies discussed but that wasn’t necessary to enjoy this book. It may even make you want to check out a few of them.