The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, #2)The Rift Walker by Clay Griffith

My rating: 3 of 5 stars (Good, I liked the story but it isn’t one I’d list on a top 10 list for the year.)

Book Two of the Vampire Empire Series.  Review of book 1, The Greyfriar.

Princess Adele is the heir to the throne of Equatoria.  She was captured by vampire forces in Europe and rescued with the help of the Greyfriar.  Only she knows the secret of his identity.  Now she is back in Equatoria and her unique knowledge of vampire society is being ignored by the men plotting the war against the vampires.  She is told to focus on her impending political marriage to Senator Clark.  But they don’t know that she has powers that can be used against vampires.

I listened to this book on audio also because it is narrated by James Marsters.  I kept leaving this one for one periods and then coming back.  It has periods that are very slow and I’d lose interest.  When I picked it up again this week I was just a few minutes away from it getting very interesting.  The pace was rapid up to the ending.  Adele is learning to be a weapon against the vampires but she does not want to be used like her teachers desire.

I think I will read the last book.  I want to know what happens and the audio is too slow at times.


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  1. Here’s what works for me: books in bed; audio books in the quilting studio while I’m working and creating; audio books on the road–makes the miles fly by! I can’t listen to audio books in the house; I go straight to sleep! Then when I wake up, of course I’ve missed important stuff! Right now I’m reading David Baldacci’s The Sixth Man in the King-and-Maxwell series; listening to the second of the “Girl” trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire in the studio; and reading The Yoga of Jesus for my “car book.” My car book always goes slowly because I read bits of it while waiting for stuff. God forbid I should be un-entertained for even a moment! 🙂 At my house it’s “quilting Saturday,” so I’m about to go out to the studio and make an applique baby quilt that I am REALLY excited about. I love your blog, which I just discovered. And I adore your cats and dog! My brother is a veterinarian and I’m the neighborhood “cat woman.” Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. When an audiobook narrator reads a little too slowly, it completely throws me off too, especially if the book doesn’t have a fast moving plot! Hope you enjoy reading the next book a little more.

  3. I finished a book on audio this week. We started it on our trip to the book festival last weekend, but it was so good we kept listening to it at night once we got home. Like old time radio!

    Here’s my Its Monday!

  4. I have yet to listen to a book on audio. I am a very visual person, however, I think that I would have the same problem with an audio being too slow for me!

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