It's Monday! What Are You Reading



New In This Week


New Ebooks I Bought

What can I say?  These books are perfectly designed to be my kryptonite.  I’ll be posting about that tomorrow.

Finished This Week

Click book for the Goodreads page.  I went on a bit of a binge of English cozy foodie reads.  I love them but they do skew my numbers towards my reading goals.  I wish there were as many books like that set in Asia or Africa or South America.  Anyone know of any?

What Am I Listening To?

I listened to a BBC radio production of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  It had a few disturbingly racist moments in the production that I don’t actually remember from the book.

I started listening to American Street.

I was a bit worried about this on audio.  I tend to listen to nonfiction or urban fantasy.  I have a harder time getting into other genres while listening and not reading.  This is a fiction story about a teenage girl who is separated from her mother on the way from Haiti in order to visit her aunt and cousins.  So far, so good.  It is holding my attention well.

What Am I Reading?

I’m partially through Phantom Pains.

I’ll finish this up today maybe.  I have some books picked out for some prime reading time at the end of the week.  I’m going to need a transition book for a few days in between and I’m not sure what that is going to be since the library lost my interlibrary loan I was planning to read.   If I’m still in my fluffy mood, I’ll start on some of my new ebooks.