This is my 200th It’s Monday! What are you reading? post.


I started this a long time ago. It was how I got into book blogging. Then I started reading more books than having interesting things that I could publicly post about in my life and switched to mostly posting about books.  I left the party for a while but now I’m reading more books than I am able to post reviews for on the blog so I’m back.

I looked up my very first one of these posts.  It was June 7, 2010 and I was reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest among other books I can’t remember.

My reading has slowed down some from last month.  I spent a lot of last week at my parents’ house and that isn’t really reading friendly since I’m required to speak to other humans and other crazy things.


Finished This Week

What Am I Reading?

Both of these are ARCs for reviews next week.  They are both good so far.

What Am I Listening To?

I’m really enjoying this audio.  Even though I know he became a Senator the details of his campaign are stressful.  It was also interesting to hear how his opponents used his 35 years worth of satirical political comedy writing against him in the campaign.