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No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong – This is book seven of the Women of the Underworld series. Jaime Vegas is a celebrity spiritualist. She goes on TV and tells people that their loved ones are happy in the afterlife. The only problem is that she truly is a necromancer and sometimes her real abilities interfere with the fake things she does on TV.

Jaime has been in several of the previous novels. She wants to get involved with Jeremy, the Alpha of the Werewolf Pack but he has been ignoring her until lately. (There was no way to write that sentence that didn’t sound totally stupid but it a good story! LOL) When Jaime is contracted to take part in a reality show with two other spiritualists trying to contact Marilyn Monroe, Jeremy comes for a visit. Jaime usually can see and talk to ghosts but the ghosts in this house are unseen and can touch her. Trying to understand these unusual ghosts takes Jaime farther and farther away from the production but opens up a mystery that is more than the directors of the show were looking for.

by Lucy Jackson- I want to smack this book upside its head. Desiree is a 20 year old from New York City. She decides to flee her “hard” life. She picks Honey Creek Kansas off a map. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so dismissive of people not from NY.

Everyone she meets is just awed by her origins. They all tell her way too much about the personal details of her life in response to her saying “Hi” to them. No one has ever met a Jewish person. Two doctors have never heard the expression “Mazel Tov.” This town is a KKK stronghold. Everyone is a bible quoting homophobe.

The point of the story seems to be for Desiree to be offended by all these yokels and their stereotypes of New Yorkers. That makes the gross stereotyping of the Kansas people even worse.

Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong – This is the next book in the series. The main character is a tabloid reporter. She is a half-demon who doesn’t have any real powers but she feeds on chaos. If she goes into a room where something bad happened or someone is thinking chaotic thoughts she knows about it. She is recruited by the Cortez Cabal to inflitrate a gang of supernaturals in Miami who want to kill the Cortez family.

This book was ok but it wasn’t as goood as No Humans Involved.

Pale Demon by Kim Harrison – Are we seeing a theme here? I usually have more variety but this book has been on hold at the library and I finally got my turn. This is book 9 of The Hollows series. You have to read all of these books in order to understand the world. In the 1960s the human race was almost wiped out by a bad reaction to genetically modified tomatoes. Once the human population was down all the supernatural beings announced themselves since they weren’t so outnumbered anymore. Rachel (a witch), Ivy (a vampire), and Jenks (a pixy) have a detective agency in Cincinnati.

Rachel has been shunned by the witch community for working with demons. She has a chance to defend herself if she can get to the coven meeting. She is also escorting her sometimes-friend but more often nemesis, Trent on a secret elf quest. They are repeatedly attacked on the trip but it isn’t clear which of them is the target. Trent’s attempts to help them are also doing more harm than good.

I like this series. It took me a while to get into it from the Otherworld series because it is very different and seemed jarring. Once I took a few days off it went much better.

Where Am I Reading? updates – California, Kansas (Sorry you have to claim such a bad book), Florida, Kentucky (Pale Demon was all over but I’m claiming their homebase in the suburbs across the river from Cincinnati)