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Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong-  audio – This part of the Women of the Other world series. This book focuses on Savannah, a 21 year old witch who works for her foster parents’ detective agency. She gets the opportunity to work on her first solo investigation. Three girls have been murdered in a small Washington town in the past few months. The victims were found in the same building with signs of supernatural rituals around them.

This is the last book that has been published in this series. The next one doesn’t come out until this summer. So, of course, this one had a cliffhanger ending.

Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong- The rest of the series has focused on the women. This book tells the story of the werewolf pack before the first female member. It tells the story of Jeremy and Clay, who feature prominently in several of the other books. Their back stories have been referred to but never explained in detail.

Then I got bogged down. I started reading The Land of the Painted Caves by Jean Auel. It is the 6th book in her series that started with Clan of the Cave Bear. I got 400 pages into the book (that’s only halfway) and nothing has happened. There is zero plot. Basically, Ayla is going to be a holy woman and her mentor takes her on a tour of sacred sites. They go to a place, they introduce themselves, people are amazed by the foreign woman with the animals, and they look at a caves with painted designs in it. Go to the next place and repeat. It is like reading someone’s vacation diary. At one point even Ayla says she doesn’t want to see any more painted caves because she’s seen so many.

Obviously the author has done a huge amount of research. I just wish she put as much effort into having a cohesive story. She keeps repeating herself and padding the book with retellings of previous stories. I don’t remember the details of the previous books but I don’t need to hear the characters remembering the time they did x, y, and z.

Has anyone else read this all the way through? Should I keep going? Is something (anything) going to happen?

Where am I reading update – Washington, New York