On Thursday after I wrote that last post I let the horses out in the arena and cleaned stalls. I had a schedule that would let me get everything done in time to get to the first clinic I wanted to see on time. I finished the stalls and then took a shower. At this point I was a half hour ahead of schedule! I decided to celebrate by reading the local horse newspaper. I wrapped up in a robe and headed to the living room to get it. I happened to look out the window to the back yard and saw three horses standing there. Unfortunately, I recognized these three horses as the very same horses that I left in the arena. So, I got dressed and headed out to catch them. So much for a leisurely reading of the paper.

I got some grain and therefore easily caught Prize. Normally, I could easily catch Spirit with grain but he was studiously ignoring me. I loudly informed Prize that she was my best horse ever and that included that other horse that I own. He didn’t care. I was still invisible to him. I caught Rosie with the grain too which was a pleasant surprise. I lead them to the barn.

It took about 30 seconds to put both horses in the stalls. When I came back outside there was no sign of Spirit. The grain bucket was left undisturbed where I left it on the lawn. (Spirit not eating unattended grain is like me walking past chocolate.) I was quite confused. How far can a 30 year old horse go in 30 seconds?

I finally found him out in the pasture. Apparently he was using the fine logic that if they were in trouble for being on the lawn but he still wanted to be outside he needed to go to the pasture. I went to catch him. He refused to be caught and as he had just demonstrated he’s quick when he wants to be. I was allowed to touch him on the back but if I tried to get to his head I was out of luck. So I stood with him in the rain and we had a discussion.

Me: Spirit, you can’t stay out here. You know you get sick if you don’t start out slow on spring grass.
Spirit: I don’t care.
Prize and Rosie (from in the barn): Spirit’s still outside! That’s not fair! Scream, scream, scream, etc.
Me: The girls are mad that you are out here.
Spirit: I don’t care.
Me: I’m so glad I took a shower before leaning on a dirty horse in the rain.
Spirit: I don’t care.

And on and on. Eventually by taking a slightly bigger step than he did with each move I was able to get to his head and he agreed to come in.