I live with a bunch of jerkfaces.

I have to have a special feeding time for Under the Bed Dog because she won’t eat if Freckles is around. They don’t share a bowl or anything but apparently it is too scary. So last night I locked Freckles in the bedroom and presented UTBDog with her food.

Immediately Riley sauntered over and took a big bite out of the bowl. The dog covered under the table. Now, I have tried to feed Riley canned food. He doesn’t like it. He wasn’t there to get the spoonful of canned food in her bowl. He was there for a pure joy of taking her food from her while looking her in the eye and saying, “Yeah, dog? Whatcha gonna do about it?”

I shooed him off. He went and sat on top of the table. He casually dangled his front paws off the edge a few inches above the head. I told him that if he “accidentally” hit her from above when she was eating he was going to be in big trouble. He gave me his super innocent look.

By this time I was sitting on the floor next to the bowl while she ate. Powder showed up next. I just bodily turned her around before she enacted whatever devious plan of attack she had.

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  • Satia

    We noticed that Holly doesn’t mind one bit if she’s thirsty and Snowdoll is drinking. She just moves right to the bowl and starts drinking. Snowdoll, however, thinks they should take turns and will step back from the bowl. She’ll sit, sometimes even lie down, waiting for Holly to finish drinking her fill before finishing what she started.

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