It was a quieter reading month in June than I’ve been having lately.

I continued reading some romance.


I also got into reading some historical mysteries.

The rest of the books


That’s 16 books.

The books I read were:

  • 1 audiobook
  • 0 nonfiction
  • Set in the U.S. and England and the Dominican Republic



Reading All Around the World challenge from Howling Frog Books

  • Read a nonfiction book about the country – or
  • Read fiction written by a native of the country or someone living for a long time in the country.

I actually did manage to add the Dominican Republic to my list!




9 Replies to “June 2020 Wrap Up”

  1. Clap When You Land is the book I’m going to buy when I get brave enough to shop inside my local indie store. I loved The Poet X and know this author won’t disappoint. I can tell you enjoy Lisa Kleypas’ books–I haven’t read any of these yet. Sixteen books is a wow month!

  2. I just saw someone recommend Clap When You Land yesterday, and now I’ve been seeing it everywhere! I think it’s about time I picked it up.

    1. It wasn’t really the story that I thought it was going to be. It is more about grief than the story of 2 sisters finding each other.

  3. Whooo you were on a Kleypas kick! (Which I thoroughly approve of, her books are always great). Have you always read historical romances or is this new? I also didn’t know that historical mysteries existed and I am HERE FOR IT. Have you read any of the Maisie Dobbs series? It’s definitely not cozy mystery, but it is a historical mystery so it may be up your alley as long as you’re cool with it not being a cozy one!

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