I read 15 books this month.

There are:

  • 4 audiobooks
  • 5 nonfiction
  • 5 books with LGBT main characters
  • 7 books by POC authors
  • Set in U.S., England, China, South Korea
  • Nothing for my South of the Equator challenge.

I’ve been trying some new stuff this month. Have you seen Readerly? It is yet another attempt at a Goodreads replacement. This one caught my eye though because it has a map. You know how I like a map.

It has a map of the settings for all the books that you read. I signed up just on the basis of that. I also like that you don’t write full reviews. You basically get a short blurb to get your point across. I don’t have a system to automatically send to that though like I do for Goodreads so of course I’m already falling behind and ignoring it.

I also started playing around with TikTok. I’m mostly posting book quotes there. Nothing too obnoxious. I’m at myreadingday if anyone is interested. I also set up a quilting account at mysewingday if you want to see what I’m up to there.