I have perfected laziness to an art form this weekend.

That was my plan. We were childless. We had no hard and fast things that we absolutely had to do and we had three days off.

Step 1: Sleep until you wake up and then roll over and go back to sleep again.

That worked on Sunday. On the other days it didn’t because I started going to the classes that my new gym membership entitles me to. On Saturday morning I did my first ever yoga class. Yep, I’ve been doing yoga on and off for years and years from DVDs and podcasts but had never been to a class. I’ve always been afraid of yoga class. I figured if you took the time to go to class you must be really good. There were a few Gumbys in the class but I was fine. It helped that the teacher wasn’t feeling well so she kept it pretty quiet. It turned out to be a two hour class. I’ve never done yoga for that long. But the fine trade off was that I was super bliss-y when it was over.

Today I wanted to go to Pilates class. They only have Pilates on mornings that I work. My national holiday day off is the only day I could try it. Then I was going to go to a Body Sculpting class with the same instructor after that. I was surprised that they had a full schedule of classes on a holiday. So was the instructor. She told her classes last week that they wouldn’t be meeting today. She only found out yesterday that she was teaching today. I was the only person that showed up. My first Pilates class (again with being the DVD girl) turned into a private lesson. It was fun. She was impressed that I wasn’t whining. So was I. There is no slacking off when you are the sole focus of the instructor’s attention.

No one showed up for Body Sculpting either so she decided to play. She brought in ideas that she used to teach in other gyms but hasn’t been able to do here. There were a bunch of exercises that I’ve never seen before. We got the balance balls out and sat on them. Then she had me start bouncing. Keep up the bouncing and then add in hand and arm movements while trying not to fall off. Looks stupid, actually is fun, and is also really hard. Then we did resistance band abductor moves that made us both want to cry and about a gazillion walking lunges. I think she was trying to kill me since she realized that I’m tougher than I look.

The dear, dear SO has been in trouble since last night. He has been unable to open his mouth without saying something so incredibly wrong that we are both surprised that he hasn’t been killed. I’m getting the idea that he doesn’t actually mean it like it is coming out but I’ve gone all girly on him anyway. Officially I wasn’t speaking to him when we were at the gym this morning. I decided to be gracious and say hi between Pilates and Body Sculpting. I also wanted him to know that it was likely I was going to be killed by a crazed instructor who was promising me new and exciting exercises. I mentioned that she seemed surprised by what I was able to handle and said that I must work out a lot. He said, “She probably just made a judgment based on looking at you that you weren’t in shape.” See why he is in trouble? I understand that he meant that I am muscular (and fat) and don’t have the stereotypical Pilates body so my ability may have come as a surprise. He didn’t have to say it like that though!

Step 2: Veg out all weekend

There have been movie watching marathons and book readings and additional sleeping. We went out with friends to a horrible movie (The American – skip it, George Clooney walks around an Italian town. There I told you the whole thing) and dinner.

It has been a great weekend except for the SO’s language problem!