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I’ve been participating in Book Blogger Appreciation Week (which was amazing) all week so I don’t feel like repeating a lot of introductory stuff a second time in a few days.  If you want to know more about me check out my Five Books That Represent Me post.

Instead I’m going to answer some of the quirkier questions on the introductory survey.


Who Would You Recruit for Your Apocalypse Squad?


Reg Shoe

Reg was a revolutionary who was killed in the street but he was so filled with purpose for his cause that it didn’t slow him down long.  He became a zombie and is still fighting but now it is for Undead Rights as the only zombie member of the City Watch.

Having a zombie on our side will be handy in case we run across any others.

An Igor or Igorina

We need medical care and Igors are the best.  They can use any spare body parts lying around and get them attached to us to fix just about anything.  Very handy in an apocalypse!


He is an incompetent wizard who causes mass chaos where he and his sentient luggage travel.  With him around we don’t have to fear the apocalypse – we probably are the cause of the apocalypse.

Granny Weatherwax

She’ll keep Rincewind in check and just stare at anyone who wants to harm us until they sheepishly slink away.




What Books Do You Want Turned Into a TV Show?


Written in Red (The Others, #1)Written in Red by Anne Bishop

There are shape shifters of all kinds and blood prophets and GRUMPY PONIES THAT CONTROL THE WEATHER!!! and wolf puppies (I have to add wolf puppies or Litha Nelle will never speak to me again).

Finding Nouf (Nayir Sharqi & Katya Hijazi #1)Finding Nouf by Zoë Ferraris

This is a mystery series set in Saudi Arabia that features a very traditional man learning to work with and appreciate women.

5 Replies to “Love-a-thon Intro”

  1. Yes, you were right to post about the Wolf puppies… the ponies are fun too, but they don’t get featured as much in the more recent books that I’ve read, but then again, Wolf puppy mentions go down as well. I would like to see it as a tv show, but it would have to be pre-approved by fans before it could air. They should do that with all book to screen adaptations- book fans come first!
    ~Litha Nelle

  2. What a great intro post! I love the idea of a Terry Pratchett apocalypse team. I do feel it’s a bit risky to have Rincewind on board, though perhaps you’re right about proximity protecting you a little.

    I agree that The Others would make a great TV series, though I don’t love the books as much as everyone else seems to.

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