This is part of my A to Z challenge

I’m fascinated by all of the new research coming out on the microbiome. Specifically I mean the intestinal microbiome. These hard working bacteria produce so many beneficial compounds that allow your body to function correctly if you take care of them.

For a great in depth discussion of how it works in humans check out this video.

I recommended Will Bulsiewicz’s book, Fiber Fueled, on my F post so I’ll recommend another microbiome book too.

The Psychobiotic Revolution is one of the first books I read on the microbiome and its effects on the rest of the body.

Learning about the microbiome in humans has made me understand things that I’ve been doing in my practice for years. I spend a lot time trying to convince owners that increasing the quality of their animal’s food will have a direct effect on their health. Specifically, it will directly affect their skin and ear health. The very first thing I do with an itchy dog is discuss diet. A dog doesn’t have to have a food allergy to have his food make a huge difference to his skin. I didn’t really understand why other than the fact that good nutrition helps everything. Now I realize that we are supporting a healthier microbiome which is in turn making a healthier immune system which helps decrease allergies. It is a hard sell to get people to believe that it can make a difference. The people who do it are amazed though. Imagine if they took that lesson and applied to their own health.