The mission of mercy went well although my friend was much more mobile than she was probably supposed to be. I got there Friday night and we hung out in the living room and talked. Our other friends got a late start and didn’t get there until 3 AM Saturday morning.

This is her puppy Spirit. It seemed wrong to call him that. It feels like the name should be retired after my Spirit died just like a jersey number. LOL


He’s Dane and Mastiff and 135 lbs of goofy.

I was sleeping downstairs and figured that I’d have both dogs with me. Besides Spirit there is also an older Lab. He has reached that stage of Lab-dom where he gives off a very quiet dignified air. We all went downstairs were I had a mattress on the floor. Spirit laid down across the whole mattress so I told him to get up so I could get in. He very politely did and stood at the side of the mattress waiting for me to get settled. At that moment the Lab abandoned all dignity and leaped onto the bed beside me. Spirit was crushed! He hung his head and stared at his friend sleeping in the spot he wanted. He went upstairs to sleep but came down every few hours to see if he was still there.

On one visit the Lab was not in bed. I told Spirit to get in and then closed my eyes and cuddled up to my new bedmate. When I woke up though I was cuddled with the Lab so he must have appeared as Spirit was thinking about getting in bed and beat him to the spot again. As I explained to Spirit, cunning and quick beats slow and clumsy every time!