One of the waiters at the Mexican restaurant near the office has been hitting on me in Spanish. It has been funny since I pretend to not notice and he thinks that it is because I don’t understand.

Today he decided to start in on me in English. Now it is just borderline creepy. He called me “Cutie” when I walked in. I ignored it like normal. But then later he walked up to me and said something. Sadly, I can’t tell you exactly what it is because I understand his English much less than his Spanish. What I heard was, “Has anyone ever told you that Corgis are cute?”  I said no which was a bald faced lie since I have been told that Corgis are cute. I’ve called them cute myself even. However, I’m fairly sure that I misunderstood and didn’t want to ask him to repeat himself.

I hope he doesn’t get too creepy because they have good cheese dip there. That forgives a multitude of sins.