I went to see the new Percy Jackson movie.

Yeah, I knew it was going to suck because the first one did and sequels are always worse – except for Lethal Weapon II.  And Terminator II.  And Harry Potter 7 part 2 was the best.  But you get the point.

The movie had Nathan Fillion and Tony Head in it in bit parts and any Joss Whedon fan knows that that means that you are pretty much required to go see the movie.  I like the books too.

It sucked.

Anyway, I was walking out of the theater behind some little whippersnappers and they were referring to Tony Head as Uther.  Repeatedly.  They were all Uther did this and then Uther did that.


I just wanted to reach out, grab them, and yell, “The man is referred to as Giles, you ignorant young ‘uns!”


I swear. Kids these days!