The husband totally won Valentine’s Day this year. He bought me flowers on Sunday because he wanted me to have them for a week before I went out of town so I enjoyed them. He bought me chocolate on Tuesday and then my main gift was this evening. He sent me to a chocolate tasting party at a gourmet market.


I tried the Rose and it wasn’t anything great.  The chocolate liqueur was great.  I can’t really imagine drinking it but it would be a wonderful sauce.  I would pour it over ice cream.

I had the Chocolate Truffle with cherry.  I don’t like beer but that was pretty good.  I only had a sip of each so I don’t know if I’d like a whole glass.

Sadly the hot chocolate was watery and disappointing.


The only bar I really liked was the Cinnamon Brown Sugar and that wasn’t anything I’d rush out to buy.

The dome shaped truffles were yummy.


I would take two and wander off.  Then I’d eat one and put one in my purse for the husband (he was off picking up Z) because I’m a good wife that way.  The lady manning this table recognized me after a while.  I was wearing a bright red coat after all.  Not really incognito.  I told her I was pacing myself and trying them all.  I must not have been the only one because she said they were running out so I better hurry.  I thought about being a good citizen and forgoing the other flavors but I grabbed two more.


I couldn’t try the meat based entrees but I really liked the chocolate almond toffee.  I see that in my future on special occasions.  The dark chocolate gelato was good.  But the cheese and chocolate pairings… oh dear god..


The goat cheese topped with vanilla flavored Mexican chocolate was amazing.  Think chocolate cheesecake.  The gouda was pretty good too.

I was actually so stuffed that I had to go home.  I have my smuggled truffles for the husband and my wine glass.  I’m not sure if I was supposed to take it or not.  There didn’t seem to be a place to deposit them when you left.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.