I had an interesting morning. A big dog got bit in the ear by a housemate. It split her ear right at the tip. Blood everywhere.

She was in the exam room and it wasn’t bleeding. We were getting ready to admit her for sutures when she shook her head. The floor, the walls, her owner, and I got covered in blood.

So at lunch time I head to Walmart to get new pants. I had to still be wearing my blood-splattered pants since they frown on nakedness at WalMart. I was counting on the indifference of strangers to not get arrested on suspicion of murder. One of the local cops used to work at the clinic before police school and another is a client so at least they would believe my bleeding dog story if someone called.

I got to the clothes area without anyone looking at me. But as I was browsing for something in my size I noticed a woman out of the corner of my eye. I saw her look me up and down. Her eyes got huge. Then she turned and took off. She must not have cared enough to report it though. I don’t know if it is good or not that you can go to Walmart looking like an ax murderer and no one cares!