Here are some good ideas and tips from the NQA show.


Quilt Blocks by Mom Thomas, Incredibly Ugly Fabric by Kay Thomas Hoagland and Irene Thomas

These are small nine patches that these people inherited and didn’t like. They are pieced into the background.


I can’t find the name on this one but I like the way the simple blocks are arranged for a stunning result.


Detail of Dendrology 101 by Karlene Johnson

These aren’t dimensional leaves. There is a piece of black appliqued onto the leaves to be a “shadow”.


Nature – Don’t Let Them Disappear by Sandy Turner.

I like animal panels and animal print fabrics but I never know what to do with them. Check out a sample of the quilting below.



Four Cards Around by Diana Ramsay.

I love the card trick block. I like the bright polka dots used in this one.


Orangenation by Cleo Berry Ward

Simple but looks complicated. It is just four patches alternating with solid blocks set on point.