Here’s what I read in October.


The books were:

  • 3 nonfiction
  •  1 audio book and 1 short story
  • Set in England, India, Egypt, and the U.S.

The authors were:

  • 6 unique white women, 2 South Asian women, 1 Afro-Caribbean person, and 2 white men

Which ones would I totally recommend?

I made a gallery here but it was almost all the books.  I didn’t read a lot but what I did I really enjoyed.  If I really, really forced myself to pick one I’d say:

What books have I been nibbling at?

So, if I haven’t been reading much what have I been doing? Well, I started watching a lot of photography videos on YouTube. That takes up some former reading time. I’m also being a very bad person and watching pirated versions of A Discovery of Witches online. It is only available in England so far.

*Hangs head in shame but pops back up to watch next episode*

Reading All Around the World challenge from Howling Frog Books

  • Read a nonfiction book about the country – or
  • Read fiction written by a native of the country or someone living for a long time in the country.

So I totally have a book for Argentina.  I got it from interlibrary loan and just keep renewing it over and over.  I haven’t even read the first chapter.   




10 Replies to “October 2018 Wrap Up”

  1. The Good Neighbor is on my Christmas list/birthday list (it’s one since they are so close) as this man is inspirational. I love Ursula Vernon’s books–the humor told both in words and in the illustrations is laugh out loud for me. I’ve read every one of the Hamster Princess books.

  2. I like your Read Around The World challenge! It’s similar to my WorldReads where I am attempting to read books by authors from every country. I haven’t got a nifty map though!

  3. Interesting endeavor to map the location of the authors and sources of the books you read! I particularly like to read mystery and detective fiction set in a variety of places and written by the people who live there. I think there must be at least a few good authors writing about every continent (except Antarctica, and there was some sort of knock-down drag-out fight between two scientists there last week so maybe we’ll get there!)

    best… mae at

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