Prize’s progesterone level came back way low. Like, not consistent with pregnancy low. So I am giving her oral progesterone for 15 days and then we’ll see what is going on. If she lost the pregnancy we’ll try one more rebreeding. It is getting late in the year for breeding at this point so if it doesn’t work we’ll wait until next year.

The progesterone is scary stuff. I always dispensed it with warnings to women about using gloves because it will mess up birth control pills and normal cycles and all that. I wasn’t really worried because I’m not on pills but then I remembered why I’m not on pills. Bad reaction to progesterone. It made me crazy (which I can handle) and it made me gain 30 lbs that I’m still trying to lose. I’m feeling sick today which is probably totally unrelated but at the first sign of unexplained weight gain the horse is on her own.