I have . I’ve had it since I was 10. Over the years I’ve tried treating it off and on. One treatment that worked for me was steroid injections in the lesion. I figured there was no reason for me to go to a human doctor for that so I’ve had a person I work for inject me a few times a year.

This person has a problem with female body hair. I have a lesion on my knee. I realized that I hadn’t shaved. Not just hadn’t shaved – it was getting close to being able to braid my leg hair. I was covering my knee and saying that it was ok, we’d just do this next week. He had the syringe ready and was trying to tell me that he could handle it for a medical procedure. There was arguing which lead to a statement I never thought I’d hear directed to me at work.

    “Damn it, Heather! I don’t care how hairy you are just move your hands and let me stick it in!!”

This was followed by both of us staring at each other in shock. Then he said, “If you ever tell my wife I said that I’ll kill you.” I moved my hands. He looked at my hairy knee. He said, “I think I’m going to throw up.” But he was able to inject me.

So, I was on the computer and planning on writing about that. I started searching for psoriasis to see if there were any new treatments. I’m not under the regular care of a dermatologist because the ones I’ve went to over the years have been very dismissive of me. I have what is considered a very mild case – lesions on my scalp, elbow, and knee and occasionally other small areas. Every dermatologist I’ve seen has acted like I’m wasting their time looking for treatment for a disease that could be so much worse. My explanations that I don’t want it to get worse have been implied to be selfish. So, I really don’t think about treatment very often.

But, in a few minutes of searching I found a regimen of two herbs that seem to be helping people. Slippery Elm powder and Saffron tea. Slippery Elm is mainly a digestive herb. In holistic medicine liver and digestive function are related to skin disease. I have mild digestive issues too and have been diagnosed with sluggish liver function by naturopaths too. I think of these things in my patients but of course never apply them to myself.

I ordered some herbs. I hear that it is hard to take the slippery elm because you can’t take it in capsule form (the dose is too high). You have to dissolve it in water and it is slimely. I hate slimely. But if it helps it might be worth it. Might. I really hate slimely.


  • Marty Zacharias

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  • Sean (who also suffers from psoriasis)

    I also suffer from psoriasis, but have it a bit worse – the groinal region, and fingernail psoriasis – not cool!

    I was wondering if the steroid injections caused any skin thinning at the site of the injection. I understand this is a common reaction to topical steroid or corticosteroid use, but didn’t know whether
    injected steroids had the same effect.

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