I’ve been noticing blogs that list all the books they’ve read in 2009 on the sidebar. I’ve tried to keep track of that before on Facebook but failed miserably. There was just too much.

I read to keep my brain entertained. My brain likes to be entertained. When it wants entertainment it wants what it wants. Sometimes that is light and fluffy. That drives the SO bonkers. He can’t understand why a smart person would read “drivel” like I do. It is simple. I like it. If a book has a pink cover, I will read it. (I took his child to the library this weekend and she picked books the same way. I’m not going to tell him yet.) If my brain doesn’t want chick lit then it wants spies and intrigue and mayhem. Occasionally my brain wants non-fiction which is the only thing certain closedminded people consider worth reading.

On the other hand Riley has recently decided that I should not be allowed to read at all. I’m not sure what is going on in his world but it is upsetting him. He lost his collar and has scabs on his ear so I’m suspecting a fight with another cat but I’d never embarrass him by asking about it. He just is demanding lots of cuddles this week. If I am reading a book then I can’t give him 100% of my attention. So he sits on the book. He’s a big cat. He can cover any book. It is an effective reading deterrent. So is pawing at a magazine while I’m trying to read it.

Last night I got up in the middle of the night since I really wanted to see how the book I was reading ended. There were three betrayed wives looking to get revenge on the bad men in their lives. Maybe the guys around me should be afraid. Combine that with my love of spy novels and I might just be dangerous yet…