I live in a 1890s house with a 1950s kitchen. We are suddenly in a spate of renovating involving the kitchen. Actually it is part of a continual renovation that started when the SO moved in but I haven’t really been involved before.

The speed of this is astounding me. Remember that my renovating experience is solely based on the deadbeat contractor (friend of the ex) who stretched a basement finishing job into a two year gig that never did get entirely finished.

So when the ceiling guy comes in two days ago, has a look around, and says that he’ll be there to fix the flaking ceiling on Monday I’m speechless. The counter guy is coming to put in the new counters in the next two weeks. It should take a day. A day! The deadbeat contractor could have made that take six months.

The counters are cool. The current counters are green and have chunks out of them in the center of the surface. I’m not sure how that happened. We are not ripping the old ones out. We are getting a granite overlay. That way there is less granite used and there is no old stuff going into the landfills. They do some counters out of recycled glass but I don’t think our color is glass. There are two small counters in the kitchen to be covered, the sink will be replaced (I want a sprayer!), and the built in desk in the living room where my computer is will be covered too.

Then the SO’s brother will be coming up to pull out the dark green tile and put in a stone floor and to put up a tile backsplash.

By summertime the kitchen will be transformed! That is so inconcievable to me. If we could only get rid of the cabinets. I think they are hideous and he likes them. Oh well.