The Kitchen

I loved this book! This story gathered me in from the beginning. Maggie is the protege of a chef at a three star Michelin restaurant. When he dies unexpectedly she thinks she will take over running the restaurant. She is […]

The Matzoh Ball

This book was a delightful story about a Jewish woman who has been hiding her love of Christmas – and her career choices- from her family. Rachel is the daughter of an influential rabbi. She knows his thoughts on Jewish […]


I enjoyed this historical fiction novel about a society woman who runs away from an abusive relationship and ends up in a homeless encampment during the Great Depression. I haven’t read a lot of historical fiction set in this era. […]

Fridge Love

This is a book that I had no idea I needed but that may be life changing. I found it while I was browsing the cooking category on Netgalley. I’m having fridge problems. Right now we have three adults in […]

The Ballerinas

I requested this book from NetGalley based on the cover. I also loved the description of long simmering rage in women. I was on vacation when I started this book and I read it over the course of a day […]

Love Delusion

This is the second book in a series where I didn’t read the first.  Usually that is a problem but this series is perfect for this situation.  The book opens with two people being captured.  You don’t know why they […]