We are driving randomly through the state of Ohio. Actually we are on the way to see the guy who makes furniture to maybe order a bed. But, he’s Amish so you have to drive up there and hope he’s home. He leaves near a major tourist trap town that has modeled itself as an Amish theme park. Maybe I’ve spent way too much time living and working with Amish people but I just don’t get the appeal. I think people think that the Amish are quaint and sweet so they can’t see that they aren’t getting majorly ripped off in these boutiques in this town.

There is a good cheese place. You get in line and can sample all the cheeses. It is a good snack place. There was a tract in the bathroom that said, “This could be the last 5 minutes of your life!”  I so badly wanted to write “So I’m not going to spend it reading your tract” but there was too much traffic.

The other problem is the lack of lunch food. For a tourist trap town you’d think restaurants would be a priority. There just aren’t many. The ones there are have horrible food. The others are “Real Amish Cooking” ie the pies will be incredible but the one or two vegetables offered will be cooked until all the flavor is removed and then spiked with pork fat. We drove for 20 miles out of our way looking for food. We weren’t being picky. There weren’t any places to eat. We finally found one in a museum in a strange little town. The town had three gigantic schools, six churches, and that’s it.  The restaurant was, um, not vegetarian friendly. I had a grilled cheese sandwich. The pie wasn’t even very good. Sad. The whole restaurant was one misspelling on top of another. “Iformation” and “Hobbie” were popular.

We finally went and ordered up the bed. The guy wasn’t there. He went to NYC. They have a little store. I love the fact that they sell computer equipment in this Amish store. They are also solar power dealers. We are looking at installing some solar panels at our house so maybe when we pick up the bed in 3-4 months we can get some tips on solar.