I had dinner at Sinatra at the Encore based on a blog post recommendation I read at Vegetarian in Vegas.

Looking at their posted menu online shows some vegetarian options but what they don’t mention is that they have a separate vegetarian/vegan menu that is offered to every patron. You don’t have to ask for it specially.

Sinatra Vegetarian menu

I started with a non-alcoholic version of the Sinatra Smash, which is the signature cocktail here.

Sinatra smash

It was outstanding. I’m not sure how this version is made but the regular version recipe is here.

I was offered a special that wasn’t on the menu. Hand cut fettucini with a truffle sauce with hand shaved truffles from Italy on top. The truffles must have chartered a plane because the appetizer size was $75. I declined.

The staff here is super attentive. I was by myself and I had a book in my purse to read but I was just looking around for a minute. The waitress asked me if I was a Sinatra fan.

(For the record, Frank Sinatra irritates me to no end. When I think of him I think of a womanizing, arrogant, entitled man who I don’t even like to hear sing.)

I said, “Sort of.”

(Hey, I was in a namesake restaurant. They may have taken me out back and had the Mob take care of me if I had told the truth.)

The waitress brought me a book to read about him while I waited. She said it was her own book that she stole from her daughter.

Seriously, they brought me a vegetarian menu and a book. I was in love.

I had been taking food pictures and staff was noticing. The only thing I didn’t photograph was the bread basket and the whipped butter with basil blossoms. I had never eaten basil blossoms. They taste like all the rest of the basil. Suddenly I was brought a complementary small plate of their beet salad with orange and grapefruit on the side.

Sinatra beet salad

I don’t even like beets and this was very good. I’m not sure why I got it. Was it the picture taking making them think I was some type of foodie person? I watched and no one else got one while I was there.

I chose the vegan agnolotti. They have a dairy version of this on the regular menu. It is a butternut squash stuffed pasta with sage and vegan butter.

Sinatra vegan angolotti

Looks pretty plain, right? I actually gasped when it touched my tongue. This may be the best pasta dish I’ve ever eaten. It was very light and dissolved almost without chewing. It was pure flavor.

I finished with the panna cotta.

Sinatra panna cotta

This is a vanilla and a pistachio custard with cherries and berries on a raspberry reduction. Divine.

This was the best restaurant meal I’ve ever had. They have a gnocchi with mushrooms on the regular menu that I’d love to try also.

(People who came in later and sat at the next table were vegetarians also. I had to restrain myself from accosting them and declaring that they had to eat the agnolotti.)