I’ve had two days in a row off work with absolutely nothing I need to do. I decided that I could use this time to make the quilt that I need to have finished in few weeks. According to my calculations I could get most of the blocks done yesterday and today. I planned on making the 20 large blocks yesterday and moving on to the smaller ones today and finish up over the weekend. Then I could put it all together next week and have a week for quilting and binding. No problem.

Well, one problem. I am a slacker. Give me a day with nothing to do and I do nothing. If I would have had to go to work on these days I may have met my quilting goals. I’ve spent a lot of time watching season 2 of Weeds. I walked on the treadmill. I sang along to my iPod.

I just finished the 5th big block of the 20 that I planned to have done yesterday. Now I’m blogging….

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  1. So how are those block coming – rah rah rah! Sometimes I find that it helps if we have a cheerleader in our corner.

    I’ve been overwhelmed and overscheduled for most of the summer but this last weekend (technically not the summer) was filled with stuff being checked off my “To-DO” list – now if I can just keep this up!

    😀 eirdre

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