I’ve had two days in a row off work with absolutely nothing I need to do. I decided that I could use this time to make the quilt that I need to have finished in few weeks. According to my calculations I could get most of the blocks done yesterday and today. I planned on making the 20 large blocks yesterday and moving on to the smaller ones today and finish up over the weekend. Then I could put it all together next week and have a week for quilting and binding. No problem.

Well, one problem. I am a slacker. Give me a day with nothing to do and I do nothing. If I would have had to go to work on these days I may have met my quilting goals. I’ve spent a lot of time watching season 2 of Weeds. I walked on the treadmill. I sang along to my iPod.

I just finished the 5th big block of the 20 that I planned to have done yesterday. Now I’m blogging….