After playing around on facebook for a while I’ve realized things about myself.

1.  I don’t miss high school at all so except for a few friends I don’t want to talk to anyone else.  To everyone else – I wouldn’t mind checking out what you’ve been doing with your life but I don’t care to hear your status updates and I’m sure that you don’t really want to hear mine.

2.  I wouldn’t mind hearing from my vet school friends but so far I haven’t found many of them.

3.  I haven’t decided yet whether to post a link to the book.  Most of the people who have found me so far are people I know from my goody-goody Christian part of my life.  I don’t want to shock them unduly.  One is a missionary so you get the idea.  Realizing that I’m divorced will elicit gasps.  Finding out I’ve written erotica…. I’m not sure how’d they react.  I’ve submitted another story (non-erotic) so if that one gets picked I’m coming out with all of it.  They are just going to have to deal with my life now!