I recently bought a slow cooker. So far I haven’t had great luck with it. I love the idea but everything I make is coming out all mushy even though I’m cooking it for less than half the time indicated.

I went to the library today to see if I could get a certain vegetarian slow cooker book on interlibrary loan. I’ve heard good reviews of it and I have other books I like by that author but I’m weird about cookbooks. They have to impress me before I commit to buying.

Apparently the book impressed the library though. They got so interested in what I asked for that instead of getting it on loan they are going to buy it. Just call me your vegetarian evangelist out spreading the good news through my library.

I did pick up another cookbook there to try to learn more about slow cooking. Ok, actually I was flipping through it and saw something called marshmallow and applesauce dessert. That’s the reason I checked it out. I’m reading the whole thing though and I came across a total pet peeve of mine. For the vegetarian chili recipe it says, “This chili is so thick and filling, no one would ever miss the meat or know it was vegetarian.”. Makes me crazy. Obviously vegetarian is supposed to equal icky.