I’ve been getting things in the mail this week.

#bookmail from @loryecbr Thanks so much!

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BEA is coming up quickly. I started sorting through everything that is going on. On May 11 I’m helping out with a session in the afternoon on Negative Reviews.  I’m also an On Site Correspondent for Armchair BEA but I haven’t been assigned anything to do yet.

I’m starting to go through all the sessions to see what books I might be interested in. That is long slow work.  Here’s my list so far.

I’m going to speak the blasphemy here.

I don’t care at all about having any books signed.

Of all the authors that are going to be there, I only want a picture with one.  I want a picture with Kareem Abdul-Jabar.  I want that mostly so I can post it casually on Facebook with a caption of “Just hanging out with Kareem this afternoon.”

With the prospect of getting lots of new physical books in soon from BEA, I need to purge.  I only have 2 bookcases in my house and they are overflowing.  I found a used bookstore that may take some of them.  If they don’t go there, I need to make a Goodwill run to drop them off.

Is anyone else going to BEA this year?