I’ve been having a weird reading month so far. I’m having a hard time sticking to any story. I find myself picking up books, being fairly interested, and then just… wandering away. So what should we talk about if there are no books happening?

I have finished a few quilts in the last few months. I do work so much better on a deadline.

The elephant went to its new home. I occasionally get pictures of the baby laying on it. If she lays in the middle the ears look like she has wings.

I made another baby quilt for a cousin who is going to be a dad. I had this fat quarter bundle that I added white and the grey fabric to. I don’t think this baby has been born yet.

I bought this FQ bundle because I thought the fabrics were cute. I picked out this quick pattern to use it up. I have a coworker who has been wanting a quilt. On the same day the FQ bundle came in the mail, she was daydreaming about how she wanted her quilt to be fall colors with mushrooms. I decided to combine the ideas. It would shut her up about wanting a quilt, let me make the quilt I wanted, and give me a place to give this quilt because I don’t really need any more here. Win-win.

This is the big one. I made this for a wedding quilt for a coworker. I designed it off a picture I saw. I made it way bigger than I expected though. The heart was supposed to be smaller with more negative space around it. It works though. I also played with a lot of background quilting patterns.

If you tried to come to the blog at a certain point in the last week, it wasn’t here. Some fine person hacked into my cpanel and scrubbed all the data. Why? That’s what I don’t get. What would anyone benefit from taking down a tiny site like this? That seems like a lot of work for no gain. Luckily I had a recent backup so my hosting provider could get it back up.

Coming up – This week my mom and I are going to see a musical, Ain’t Too Proud. It is the story of the Temptations. These tickets were her Christmas present. We are also now season ticket holders for the winter Broadway series in Cleveland. We have six shows to go to. Normally we pick one but this season had a lot that were interesting to us so we got the season tickets. Seeing six shows would be less expensive than individually purchasing the four we absolutely wanted.

I’m going to have a lot of family time in the next few weeks. The next week, my brother and his family are going on an overnight trip to a state park and then to The Wilds, a large wildlife park run by the Columbus Zoo.

What are you up to this week?