When Women Were Dragons

The Mass Dragoning of 1955 changed society. Suddenly a huge number of women were just gone. A lot of husbands and other nasty men died violently that day. And now, it just isn’t mentioned in polite society. “People are awfully […]

The Magiford Series

I absolutely loved reading the series of books written by K.M. Shea that are set in the town of Magiford WI. In this world wizards, fae, vampires, and werewolves are all living openly among humans. Magiford is a hub of […]

Here Be Dragons!

Kindle Unlimited has figured me out. Recently it has been showing me Regency romances that feature dragons. How am I supposed to resist that? Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons by Quenby Olson was […]


I adored this book! This is the cozy wicked witch origin story that you didn’t know you needed. It has farmer’s markets, a quaint small town, amazing banter, lots of cooking and wine, and an adorable spider who likes to […]

Get in the Sea

Fantasy Books Set Around the Sea Archer’s Beach series This series include Carousel Tides, Carousel Sun, and Carousel Seas by Sharon Lee. “Carousel Tides pulls you into the chill foggy reality of peeling-paint sand-grit coastal Maine outside of tourist season […]

Blind Tiger

The books that I tend to read with shapeshifters have always been more Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance. I wouldn’t have had this book on my radar except that I saw it mentioned on Twitter. That tweet talked about a […]

Cemetery Boys

This book was so well done. You see so many books that have magical systems that are strictly gender-based. This book takes that idea and turns it on its head. In this world the men work with ghosts. They monitor […]