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20 Apr, 2015

Library Scavenger Hunt

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Stefani at Caught Read Handed has a library scavenger hunt going on. I didn’t get them all but here’s what I found at the main branch of our library.

  • Your library
A view from the second floor
I’ve never gone to a library with its own parking garage before.
  • Library Card
My poor dying library key tag!
  • Old School Card Catalog (we know that not all libraries have one of these, so take a picture of the catalog on a computer instead!)
This is a special sight! Usually the catalog computers aren’t working. There are only 1-2 on each floor. The fastest way to search the catalog is on your phone on the library website.
  • An audio book
Part of a row of audio books
  • A DVD
Somebody really liked Argo
  • Fun library furniture
The furniture is boring but the place is full of weird art.
  • A large print book
Ken Follet books are even heavier in large print.
  • Flyer for an upcoming event
One of the signs around the library.  Not really upcoming though since I took this on April 18.
  • A fun display
This is a books about food display. Hey, those are aprons! I swear I thought they were boxer shorts until typing this caption and I was totally confused.
  • A book from the 800 non-fiction section (a book categorized in the 800s of the Dewey Decimal System)
Let’s not dwell on how impossible it is to find anything by number in this library since nonfiction is on 3 floors and not in numerical order. You can’t even ask because no one knows what floor anything is on. My major pet peeve about this library is this but I’m not dwelling.
  • Newspaper/Magazine
One of the walls of magazines on the first floor seen from the second floor
  • A graphic novel
  • Find a book about libraries or with the word library in the title
  • Find a book with a girl in a dress on the cover
  • Find a book that’s green
  • Find a book with an author who has the same initials as you
  • Find a book with a number in the title
All kinds of numbers
  • Find a cookbook
Rows of cookbooks
  • Find a book with a picture of someplace you would like to visit
See the POP on the cover? That means that nonfiction book is housed in the fiction section which they call Pop Culture. Confusing!
  • Find a book with a one (1) word title
  • Find a book with a duck on the cover
From the Raising Poultry section
07 Jun, 2014

Summer Library Challenge – Survey

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Welcome to the first week of the Summer Library Challenge! Check out the Summer Library Challenge page for all details of this awesome event.

Library Survey

1. What’s the name of your library and how close is it to where you live?

I go to the Akron-Summit County Library. I pass a branch in order to go to the main library about 4 miles away.

2. How frequently do you go to the library?

At least once a week

3. What is the first section you normally go to when you get to the library?

New adult fiction

4. Share a link to your library’s webpage. How often do you use it and what for?

I use this website all the time. Whenever I hear about an interesting book I check to see if they have it. I reserve books through here too.

5. Does your library have a summer reading program for your age group? Do you participate and why or why not?

They have Mind, Body, and Sole. You need to read 26 books and walk 26 miles during the summer. It ends the weekend of the local marathon. I’ve done it for the free shirt since it is something I would be doing anyway.

6. What is one thing you can think of that would make your library better?

Rant ahead – The first time I came here I was so confused. I couldn’t figure out where the books were. They don’t use library or book terminology. It is a three story library. I enter on floor two from the parking garage. Floor two is labeled Popular Culture. That’s code for fiction.

Non-fiction is split between floors one and three. It is entirely illogical and near to impossible to find anything. You look up a book on the catalog and get the Dewey Decimal number. (By the way, you need to look that up on the website on your phone. There are gazillions of computers in this library but only one on each floor accesses the library catalog and a lot of times that one’s not working.) Now you need to guess what floor it is on. There is no diagram of what is where. Roughly, business and science are on floor one and everything else is on three. In Terry Pratchett’s books, the library at Unseen University has flying books and this library does too. If you track down where the number should be it is not unusual to find a small card that says that those numbers have been moved. Then you go to the other floor whilst cussing under your breath. To add variety, biographies and travel books are on the fiction floor which I think is some kind of social commentary.

I’m not the only one confused. To save time I’ve been asking library employees to find nonfiction books with me. This always involves a group discussion of where the book might be, an educated guess being made, and then a hike to see if we were right.

Fiction, excuse me, Popular Culture, isn’t easy either. It is shelved not by the last name of the author only but is broken out into all kinds of genres. Inspirational, scifi, black fiction, mystery,etc with anything left over being in general fiction. If you look a book up in the catalog to see if they have it it doesn’t list what section it might be in. You need to think like the person who shelved it.

7. Does your library have a self checkout station and do you use it more than the circulation clerks?

Nope, this library doesn’t even have a drop box for returns inside the library. You need to hand your books to a clerk.

8. What programs have you attended or thought of attending at your library?

I don’t go to any programs because they are always when I’m working.

9. Do you have family that utilizes the library with you? Who is your “library buddy”?

Just me. My husband has me get him books sometimes.

10. What is the best thing about your library?

For all my frustration with their insane organizing, I love this library. They have a huge collection so I can get about 95% of the books I see on blogs that I want to read. I read too much to be able buy all the books I want and free is always better than buying!