Stefani at Caught Read Handed has a library scavenger hunt going on. I didn’t get them all but here’s what I found at the main branch of our library.

  • Your library
A view from the second floor
I’ve never gone to a library with its own parking garage before.
  • Library Card
My poor dying library key tag!
  • Old School Card Catalog (we know that not all libraries have one of these, so take a picture of the catalog on a computer instead!)
This is a special sight! Usually the catalog computers aren’t working. There are only 1-2 on each floor. The fastest way to search the catalog is on your phone on the library website.
  • An audio book
Part of a row of audio books
  • A DVD
Somebody really liked Argo
  • Fun library furniture
The furniture is boring but the place is full of weird art.
  • A large print book
Ken Follet books are even heavier in large print.
  • Flyer for an upcoming event
One of the signs around the library.  Not really upcoming though since I took this on April 18.
  • A fun display
This is a books about food display. Hey, those are aprons! I swear I thought they were boxer shorts until typing this caption and I was totally confused.
  • A book from the 800 non-fiction section (a book categorized in the 800s of the Dewey Decimal System)
Let’s not dwell on how impossible it is to find anything by number in this library since nonfiction is on 3 floors and not in numerical order. You can’t even ask because no one knows what floor anything is on. My major pet peeve about this library is this but I’m not dwelling.
  • Newspaper/Magazine
One of the walls of magazines on the first floor seen from the second floor
  • A graphic novel
  • Find a book about libraries or with the word library in the title
  • Find a book with a girl in a dress on the cover
  • Find a book that’s green
  • Find a book with an author who has the same initials as you
  • Find a book with a number in the title
All kinds of numbers
  • Find a cookbook
Rows of cookbooks
  • Find a book with a picture of someplace you would like to visit
See the POP on the cover? That means that nonfiction book is housed in the fiction section which they call Pop Culture. Confusing!
  • Find a book with a one (1) word title
  • Find a book with a duck on the cover
From the Raising Poultry section