The Bank of Goodliness

The Bank of Goodliness

by David Luddington
Setting: England
Genres: Fiction, Great Britain
Length: 10:02
Published on April 23, 2020
Pages: 274
Format: Audiobook Source: Kindle Unlimited

When Shadeys Bank loses yet another C.E.O. to a major scandal, they are desperate to show they’ve reformed. Who better to present their redemption to the world than a country vicar with a reputation for being annoyingly good?

Reverend Tom Goodman is ousted from his job as a country vicar for allowing a homeless family to stay in the church hall. Meanwhile, a major bank is trying to rescue its image after the latest in a long string of financial scandals.

It seems like the perfect match and Goodman is hastily appointed as the bank’s new C.E.O. All they have to do now, is promote him as the new face of Shadeys Bank whilst at the same time, keeping him away from the day-to-day business of dubious banking.

However, Tom Goodman has other ideas. He’s not going to be satisfied with being used as an empty puppet for a PR stunt. Unfortunately for Shadeys, Tom is planning on actually making a difference.

And so begins an epic battle of wills. The might of a multi-billion pound bank versus a seemingly naïve country vicar.

No contest.

I don’t remember exactly where I saw this book mentioned but I loved the premise. It pits a notoriously corrupt bank against a vicar who isn’t quite as naive as they expect him to be.

Reverend Tom Goodman gets fired from his parish when too many people complain about him to the Archbishop. Turns out the fine Christians of his parish aren’t ok with allowing homeless people to live in the church.

His firing gets some press attention which brings him to the notice of Shadey’s Bank. He’s the perfect front man for them to use to burnish their image. Soon he’s a fish out of water who they hope will be so busy trying not to drown that he won’t notice anything going on around him.

The characters in this book are great. Tom recruits his own forensic accountant and lawyer down at the pub. The plot hinges on him talking to a seemingly homeless man and his dog who are set up in front of the bank. It reminds me a bit of the movie Dave where a regular guy ends up as the President of the U.S. and brings in his friend to help.

This was a quick, fun listen about fighting the system for what is right instead of chasing profit at all cost.