I’m in LA. I was sent off this morning with pep talks ranging from “Maybe you should get some geeky glasses so you at least look smart” to “Call us if you lose so much money that you can’t afford to fly home.” I answered that one by asking what they would do if I called them. At that point the tech started miming a phone conversation, “Hello? Who? Never heard of her…. Click.” And these are some of my biggest fans. LOL

One person did want to come and be the cheering section. He wanted to yell, “The stupidest vet is smarter than the smartest human doctor.” I told him that was too long so he modified it to “Vets are cool!” He also suggested I add my phone number under my name on the screen and make a point of showing my left hand with no ring on it. I believe I am also to mouth “call me” any time the camera focuses on me. (He is considering it his job in life to get me married off even though I am still technically married. I think his reasoning is that if I get a rich guy I won’t go buy a practice and will continue to work for him.)

I’m heading off to bed now so I can get a good night’s rest. I’m done studying. I’m to the point where I can’t have a conversation without mouthing off relevant facts. Over dinner the other day the person I was with mentioned the St. Lawrence River and I immediately replied, “St. Lawrence Seaway dedicated by Dwight Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II. Contains the Eisenhower Lock.” That’s not normal behavior but luckily the person I was with just high fived me and laughed.

I’ll post tomorrow even if it is just to say that it was so awful that I’m heading into the Witness Protection Program.