This is a quick light read that will probably make you want to take up origami.

Ceony is determined not to enjoy her apprenticeship but since she has to bond with paper or not do magic at all, she decides to give in. She finds that her new teacher is a kind man who is willing to make her an animated paper dog because he’s allergic to real ones. She also finds out that he paid for her scholarship to school even though she has never met him before.

Just as she starts to find out that paper can be interesting, her employer’s heart is taken. She is able to fashion a folded paper heart and combine it with a health spell to keep him alive for a few days but she needs to get the heart back.

She tracks down the magician that took it but then she gets trapped inside the heart. Her only hope for escape is to make her way through all four chambers – experiencing her teacher’s fondest memories, greatest regrets, dreams, and disappointments along the way. She also discovers ways that paper magic may be more powerful than she ever imagined.

This is the first of a series about this magical world that takes place in the early 1900s in London.