The Unexpected EarlThe Unexpected Earl by Philippa Jane Keyworth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Regency Romance

Six years ago Julia Rotherham was jilted by her fiance, Lucius Wolversley. She was never given an explanation. Now he has appeared unexpectedly at her younger sister’s coming out ball and acts like nothing never happened. Julia is furious and Wolversley is acting like he has no intention of disappearing again now that she wants him to leave.

If you are a regular reader here it may seem odd that I’m reviewing a romance but Regency Romances are my guilty pleasure. My grandmother was a fan. She had a subscription to get a few books a month. She got my mother and I into reading them. In her honor we are planning a trip to England next year. We will be going to Bath because everyone does in these books. We will go to the Pump Room like everyone in the books must. Hopefully we will get to do something so scandalous that our reputations may never recover.

I haven’t read a Regency in a while so I jumped at the chance to review this book for the book tour. At first it seemed like the plot was going to get mired into “I like you but I think you don’t like me” but there was a plot twist about halfway through that reenergized the book. I liked the interaction between the main characters. The dialogue was witty. That’s important in a genre that uses a lot of the same plot points over and over. (I am happy to report that two characters went from London to Bath and one went to the Pump Room while he was there.)