It is still way too cold to go for a long walk. So our outside exercise is the dog park again.



Faster than a speeding bullet

Freckles got a dog sent home from the dog park today. This lab was chasing a ball and Freckles was chasing the lab. She overshot the ball and when she turned around Freckles was right there. She thought Freckles was after her ball and got very angry. Freckles couldn’t figure out why she was mad but when the lab’s man grabbed a hold of her, Freckles decided to go seek solace with the next closest human. That turned out to be the lab’s mom. That made that dog even madder at Freckles. The lab’s people were taking her out if she couldn’t play nice and Freckles kept wanting to be friends. The lab wasn’t having it.

On the way home there was a Great Dane standing in the middle of the road. I stopped to see if he was ok and he tried to get in the car. I pulled into a driveway and he came over. He seemed alright. A Golden Retriever came over too and they didn’t introduce themselves to each other so they must both live in the neighborhood. I think I’ve seen him before in the area. I don’t think he was lost but he looked older so he may be getting confused. Hopefully, his Golden Retriever friend will convince him to stay out of the street.